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Consent to Monitor Use of Company Assets

Raytheon Company's information systems, networks, mobile devices and other assets ("Company assets") are only for authorized use by authorized users for Company business purposes and limited personal use as permitted by Company Policy RP-IT-009. Access to Company assets for any other use is not authorized. Use of Company assets constitutes acknowledgement and consent to monitoring, recording, or blocking - by the Company or Company-authorized third parties - of any such use by you without further notice, for any lawful purpose. Such monitoring, recording, and blocking include your personal communications and information (including communications via a personal, non-Raytheon email or social-media account accessed through a Company asset). Company assets, including encrypted data on them, are actively monitored for lawful purposes. "Monitoring" includes interception or review of electronic communications and other information, while in transmission or stored. Persons using Company assets have no reasonable expectation of privacy or confidentiality in any such electronic communications or other information or other use of Company assets. Your communications, information, and related data collected through monitoring may be used and disclosed to third parties, including governmental entities, for any lawful purpose, including criminal or security investigations, information security, or adverse personnel action including termination.

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